“Our aim is to be the leading edge in problem solving through the creation of
customized products and solutions”

We intentionally build, preserve, and advance our culture and vision by:


Everyday we choose to show humility in our interactions and honour in our relationships with customers, suppliers, and team-mates. For us this means treating others as inherently valuable creations of God and in obedience show respect to our authorities as instituted by God. We do this by being quick to admit our errors and speaking to and about others with respect.  We believe that if we do this we will have God’s blessing and create a culture that cultivates teamwork, respect, and discipline.


Everyday we choose responsibility as we manage the resources we have been entrusted with. For us this means understanding the charge that God has given us to be efficient with our resources so that we can take care of the world (our environment) and the people in it (our community). We do this by proactively working towards and managing our sustainability, financially, environmentally, and relationally. We believe that if we do this we will be able to provide for providers and will be used to extend God’s gifts to many future generations.


Everyday we choose integrity in our decision making in keeping with biblical principles for business. For us this means doing what’s right because it is right over anything else. We do this through our commitment to relationship with our stakeholders, quality in our workmanship, and honesty in our communication. We believe that if we do this we will have enduring reciprocal relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees with trust as the foundation.


Everyday we choose to be grateful to God for the opportunities, resources, and people that he has placed around us. For us this means seeing problems as opportunities, being disciplined people in our thoughts and actions, and living and working with an attitude of gratitude. We do this by embracing diversity in our thinking and unity in our values. We believe that if we do this we will, by God’s grace, create and maintain a culture of positivity that will allow us to be more and more creative and effective day by day.