Trees out fast!

If there is one thing caliper tree growers like to brag about, it is how fast they can get trees out of the ground. We have new bragging rights since we got our Compact 36” Lemar Tree Spade 3 years ago. It is completely ergonomic, with easy hook up, easy access to the skid steer, easy electric-over-hydraulic operation and great visibility. Compact design means it can fit in tight places. But most of all, it is FAST, FAST, FAST. We are very impressed!

Aaron Krahn, Lakeshore Tree Farms

Doubled Production!

Since we have been using our Lemar spades the speed and mobility of harvesting our product has doubled. Because of the low profile our sight lines are completely clear and we no longer need a spotter to center our spade around the tree. At one time we harvested on average around 150 trees in one 10 hour day. We can now, with ease basket about 330 in that same time frame and still reduce labor costs. We stand by our Lemar Spades for they help us produce a uniform product for our competitive market.

Alan Rennie, Parkland Nursery & Landscape Services Ltd.

Prompt service & helpful advice

Lemar spades have performed very well for us and we like their compact size, their innovative design, the reliability and the high flow electric over hydraulic valves. Any hiccups we have ever had were quickly resolved because of prompt service and helpful advice from Lemar.

Arnold Heuver, Foothills Nursery

A great product from a great company!

We purchased our LEMAR compact spade in June 2012, and have dug approximately 7000 trees with it. The engineering, construction and quality of the spade has exceeded our expectations and the support we have received from LEMAR has been nothing short of remarkable. A great product by a great company!

Bob Nelay, Nealy Farms

Visibility is excellent!

Since switching to Lemar tree spades, our productivity has increased dramatically. The pistol grip controls and responsive cylinders improve turnaround. Sleek construction reduces snags and damage to surrounding plants. Visibility is excellent. Most importantly, the Poffenroth family stands behind their equipment with excellent service after the sale.

Mike Worthington, Worthington Farms, Inc.

Excellent engineers for customized equipment

Lemar exceeds our critical expectations in the manufacture of equipment and service providing excellent engineers who customize specific equipment. Their baskets and burlap are delivered on pallets consuming the least amount of trailer space. Lemar staff is always cordial and available for assistance.

Ray Gaudet, Gaudet Trees

Dependable speed and reliability!

We have used Lemar Tree Spades for the past 3 years and now depend on their speed and reliability in order to meet our production deadlines. These machines are sturdily built and have outperformed any other tree spade we have used.

Richard Taylor, Taylor’s Nursery, Inc

Lemar, second to none!

Lemar tree spades are second to none. We have previously used two different brands of tree spades. After switching to Lemar tree spades our production has doubled, our customers like the Lemar root ball better, and we have had zero down time. The spades are built heavier and have features that the competition is now copying. Josh has been great to work with and has always taken the time to answer all my questions. We now have 3 spades, a deluxe tree squeeze, and are looking at the Flex Arm to improve production.

Rick Snell, D.R. Snell Nursery

These machines are built well!

Since switching over to Lemar spades two years ago by buying a 36’’ and a 30’’ we liked them so much that we purchased a 46’’ and a 38’’ to give us a complete range of ball sizes. The machines are built well and the company stands behind them. The quality of product is excellent, and the speed that these machines operate at is fantastic. This is important here in Minnesota where the weather only gives us a very short window to get the trees harvested. I don’t worry as much about finishing.

Rock Kelly, Bachman’s

Lemar…focused on quality!

The entire Lemar team is focused on quality. They stand behind their products 100% and work with you to come up with the most cost effective solution.

Scott Shadle, Shadle Farms

Lemar products require minimal maintenance

Lemar products work very well for our company. I have had their products since the late nineties and they have required only minimal maintenance. I am very pleased with how well the equipment has stood up and they are still as good as when I purchased them. Their service has been outstanding.  I have no hesitation in recommending their products.

Simon Bos, BOS Nurseries

Lemar – part of our business success!

Lemar tree spades have been part of the success of our company for 13 years. We currently operate 5 machines harvesting 5000+ evergreen and deciduous trees mostly in the 2-3”(50-80 mm) trunk size and 5-8’(150-2200mm) evergreen size.  We appreciate the basket fit, the strong yet light weight construction, advanced hydraulic controls and the ease of quick attachment. We consider the adoption of Lemar technology one of the most important decisions in the growth of our company.

Wilbert Ronald, Jeffries Nurseries

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