Streamline your harvest operations with innovative Lemar products!


Increased visibility allows the operator to work faster and safer without compromising quality or increasing stock damage.

Center your stock right from the operator’s seat.

No time is required to cut roots between digging the tree and placing it in a basket – reducing the amount of labor required to harvest nursery stock.

Fast cycle times will revolutionize your field production – keeping ahead of your tying crew is no longer an issue!

Lemar tree spades do not require regular lubrication or maintenance.



Lemar tree spades and potters perform during intense harvest times. Lemar manufactures equipment you can count on. We also stand behind you with a service and parts support team that understands how critical it is to keep your equipment functioning optimally.


Continuing to improve our equipment has enabled Lemar to produce tree spades that have dug over 600,000 trees! Lemar products have a long lifespan with minimal maintenance costs.

What does this all mean for me??? Glad you asked!!!

Higher profitability
less stress
less time in the field


Lemar has manufactured a variety of tree spades to suite your business’ needs. As the series numbers increase, so does the capacity for the tree spade to dig larger root balls. Outlined are the key features to help you choose your best spade.

Reading the Model Number

The model number is used to classify five different things:

  • 5   –  The series designation – example: 5 = 500 Series
  • 26 – The actual maximum plug that the spade will dig in inches
  • 3 – The shovel configuration – 3 blade or 4 blade
  • i – Frame classification – inside or outside frame
  • t – Blade type: t- truncated, st- semi-truncated, c – cone

Inside Frame vs. Outside Frame

Inside frames spades are generally more compact than outside frames and are more common than the outside frame spades.

Outside frames spades offer more room for harvesting shrubs, bushy, or multi-stemmed trees and are also equipped with scraper rings to reduce root ball disturbance while retracting the shovels.

Shovel Types

*All of our spades have a 25 degree classification regardless of the shovel configuration

  • Truncated – a relatively large bottom enables this shovel type to stand on its own. It’s easy to handle shape and size makes it the most popular in the nursery industry.
  • Semi-Truncated – this shovel type is a mix between the truncated and cone shovels. It offers a longer shovel depth, increasing the versatility and reducing the bottom size.
  • Cone – this shovel configuration is suited for applications where tap-roots and dry hard digging conditions are common. These spades are taller and wider, but our compact design minimizes the overall size.
  • Potter – This shovel designed to fit perfectly in to the plastic pots you use to transport and sell your product. We use a 7 degree angle although we will customize the angle is to your specific requirements. An under cutter is an option with this design as well.
  • TMD (Thinga Ma Digger) – This shovel combination allows you to produce a perfect hand dug root-ball without having to do it by hand, The shovels come together completely at the bottom allowing you cut through tap roots and hold your root-ball integrity.

Tree Spade Measurements

A – Spade Width (gate closed)

B – Spade Length (gate closed)

C – Spade Height

D – Spade Length (gate open)

E – Spade Width (gate open)

F – Inside Clearance (gate open/closed)

Leg Options

  • Standard Legs – Included with each spade. 12” effective range enabling the spade to dig a root ball up to 12” smaller in diameter. Leveling required before digging.
  • Hydraulic Legs – Dig different size root balls on the fly without manually adjusting leg sets! No leveling required – increasing quality and productivity. Available for both inside and outside frames. Can be adapted to existing spades.
  • Spacer Plates – This leg option is size specific – each spacer plate is intended for one specific root ball size. Simplifies the leveling process. Scrapes and packs the root ball.
  • Adjustable Front Legs – Leg system on the front of the spade offering 12” of adjustment. Helps level the spade but no scraping or packing capability.


If you are unable to find the spade best suited to your business needs, our design and manufacturing team will be happy to build a spade that exceeds your expectations!