Hydra-Wave Wireless Control System


Introducing the Hydra-wave Wireless Control system! This patented technological advancement is the only system of its kind; bringing power generation and wireless control technology into one package! No more struggling with wires or fighting with plugs! The Hydra-wave allows you to use any operating unit – even a rental – to run your attachment. No extra setup required. Just hop in and away you go. No downtime due to wiring and plug related issues! We takes your success seriously!

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Standard Features

  •  Hydraulic power generation
  • Wireless controls between operator and attachment
  • No hardwired boom wire required
  • Wireless transmitter plugs into cigarette lighter or runs on 9V battery
  • 256 unique addresses to eliminate cross talk between multiple machines


  •  3-Wire wireless available. In this system the power is not generated hydraulically. However complicated multi-wire repairs are still greatly minimized with wireless controls.


Functional Description

Supply hoses from power unit run through a hydraulic motor to spin a DC voltage generator

The oil then flows to the hydraulic manifold to function the devices on the attachment

The power generated is used to power a wireless receiver on the attachment and control the electric over hydraulic valves on the manifold to move the devices on the attachment

Maximum Power Generation90 Watt
Voltage Level12 VDC
Required Oil Flow8-25 gallons/min (30-95 liters/min)
Require Oil Pressure1,000-3,000 Psi (69-205 Bar)

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