Thinga Ma Digger

The nursery industry has been waiting for a machine that could dig a rootball resembling the highly sought after “hand dug” root ball shape. This shape has proven to be the best for tree survivability versus weight. Over the past several years, Lemar has been diligently working on developing a machine with this capability.

Lemar is pleased to announce this new product break through: the Thinga Ma Digger (12/24 TMD)! Lemar is the first manufacturer to produce a machine that can dig the “hand dug” root ball shape while maintaining the integrity of the root ball!

Join us in staying competitive. Offer your customers a superior product, dug with a Lemar Thinga Ma Digger!


Standard Features

  • Ultra compact tower design
  • Fast cycle time
  • Extremely versatile
  • Consistent rootball shape EVERY TIME
  • Protects the rootball while digging and DOES NOT FRACTURE the rootball unlike most other mechanical digging solutions.
  • New technology utilizes both straight & curved blade Shovels to cut EVERY ROOT and produce the PERFECT SHAPE for the hand dug rootball market
  • Reduce workplace injury
  • Increased productivity



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